Are you available for commissions?
Most of the time - yes. Just contact me and I'll see what I can do for you.

Are there any limitations to what you would sculpt?

Basicly no, but pornographic, racist or otherwise highly questionable requests will not be handled.

How about spec work?

No - don't even ask for it.

What would a 6 inch one-of-a-kind Spiderman cost?

It's pretty much impossible to answer any pricing questions if I don't know what has to be done. Get in contact with me and after fiddeling out some details a solid calculation won't be a problem.

Will you paint the sculpture?

If you want it painted, you'll get it painted; airbrushed, polished or whatever else you prefer.

How long will it take to make a sculpture?

Just like the pricing that is always individual. Everything is possible, from 10 to 2.000 hours.

Can I use your photos or other artwork from this website?

Generally yes, as long as I get credited properly, but please ask for permission first.

Can I pay you in coffee, water, saussages or kittens?

No, usually not.

Will this FAQ have some more content in the future?

Yes, absolutely.
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